16 March 2013

ASCD Conference

I am currently in Chicago at the ASCD national conference. There are approximately 10,400 educators in attendance here. Awesome!
There are not enough hours in these two days to hear all the speakers I want to hear. But I have a feeling I am going to leave here VERY inspired.
I just finished a session on bullying. I sat next to an assistant principal from Long Island, New York. It was amazing and at the same time frightening to discuss with him the common denominators facing our kids. He's in a school hundreds of miles away facing the same obstacles and having the same hopes and dreams for the kids in our nation. Very cool. I will definitely post on this later.
And hey! They are currently dying the river green!!!! Woo-hoo! Love this city! Being here gives me that itch to be back in "the city".


Deb Gaby said...

Cindy K. said her head was full, full, and full. Hope you had a great time!