06 March 2013

Sign, Sign Everywhere A Sign

Maybe that's ringing a bell for you
...in the 70s with Five Man Electrical Band
...in the early 90s with Tesla

OK, either way...it has nothing to do with this post.

I just like that song. I prefer the 1991 version by Tesla. That was the year I graduated from high school. There was lots of Aqua Net, people making out in the Winn Dixie parking lot, the Chicago Bulls were still champs, and Pee Wee Herman got caught doing bad things in a theater two blocks away from where I worked. It was a great song.

However, I wasn't actually listening to that song nor was I reminiscing about high school (though I guess I just did)...

I am an obvious person. And by that, I mean I often times need things to be presented to me in the form of OBVIOUS. I am definitely scientific. I tend to function well in environments I can control, measure, and predict. If it can be proven, I'm in. As a single mother of two boys (age 6 & 7) and a student services coordinator in an elementary school (hybrid counselor/administrator), that means that I get to be in such an environment about 2% of the time. So, 98% of the time, I am almost a hot mess.

I ENVY (which I know is a sin) people who are strong in their faith. I watch people who appear unshaken and strong in the face of tragedy and in hindsight reflect upon how their faith in our Lord got them through. And I watch LONGINGLY.

I would totally be the person yelling from the back of the space shuttle, "Houston! Houston! We have a problem!!!!" before we even left the ground. I am the person who comes up with ten different scenarios  and possible outcomes for situations that have one obvious answer. Many times, my life feels like a "Choose Your Own Adventure" story with lots of pages missing.

This is NOT my family photo, but I feel like it should be:

So when it comes to FAITH...oh my. My theory on faith is this: It's easy to have it when you don't need it. When push comes to shove and life leaves us asking "why???", faith becomes tricky. It is absolutely the biggest thing that puts me out of my comfort zone. I can't prove it, measure it, weigh it, or predict it. But HEY!!! GUESS WHAT? Our gracious Lord TOTALLY GETS ME. And lots of times, He gives me very obvious signs that He's here and He's with me. God has written an IEP for me. He knows what I need and he knows what my accommodations are.
When my day goes like this--which is often--not just at work, but in my personal life:

Our perfect God will often times throw me a bone that I totally understand, such as:

So as I stumble through each day, I will continue to THANK Him for KNOWING what I need and to the degree of absurdity that it is needed. He knows just who to put in front of me and He knows just what slap-up-side-the-head I need. That's MY kind of Lord.

Thanks, big guy, for having my back. I felt you today when I needed you most. Can you believe it? THAT is a miracle! :-)

I'm totally kidding with this picture. I can't stand Justin Bieber and I have absolutely no faith in what he says.


Mrs. C said...

Ha! Love it. This post is so you...and I get that. I love the idea that God has an IEP for each of us. You are an amazing woman; never doubt that!

Anonymous said...

Great blog! I am so glad you are blogging again..I use to look forward to them everyday! I miss you and love you, Molly
ps. When are you coming to your mom's again?

Ruth Ayres said...

The images make me laugh. FAITH is a slippery thing and I'm glad you wrote about it.