11 March 2013


I took my Mountain Masochist trail running shoes out for a spin on Saturday. FINALLY!

In a rare turn of events, the weather forecast last week that called for a winter storm was ACTUALLY CORRECT. I am not sure what the exact snowfall total was, but according to my lower back after three hours of shoveling my driveway, I would have to guess it was four feet.

(According to local meteorologists, it was more like 8 inches. But remember, they aren't always accurate.)
And this is why I love them so:


(DO NOT VIEW if you are easily offended by meteorologists filled with angst.) ;-)

Hey! Here's a funny....Where did the meteorologist stop for a drink after a long day in the studio?
Answer: The Isobar!!!
Yep, I am here all week!

So on Saturday, my plan was to go to the park in Winona Lake and hit the trails. When I pulled into Winona Lake, I was on the phone with my momma. If you know me and my mom, you also know that she and I can do some talking. By the time we said good bye, my bladder was screaming. The bathrooms at the park were locked so I drove over to the YMCA. At that point, I decided that I would just start my run from the Y. There's nothing quite like setting a brisk pace along the side of Winona Avenue, sucking in the fresh air pouring out of Dalton Foundry, and dodging potholes to start a good run. There was still quite a bit of snow covering the trails, which made it hard to really enjoy, but I wove through the Village, past the park, through the trails, through Southtown, and looped back around and back to the Y. All told, it was a little over 9 miles.

And it felt GRRREAT! For being primarily a trail shoe, they performed quite well on the pavement!

I feel the need to plug Montrail!
If you are in need of a good trail shoe (or two), visit: